Smarters App

Setup guide for our superior  IPTV subscription service 

on any Fire TV device

To download the Smarters app​

Here are two video guides showing two different methods of installation for any IPTV app. Use the blue link below to download Sly Smarters App, not the one in the video.


Please note this link will not work in firefox!

App2Fire Method

This video guide will show you how to send any app from you Android Phone or tablet to you Firestick or FireTV. Please use the link above.

Downloader Method

Here is a video guide on how to install Smarters app using the  downloader method. Please use the blue links above to download Smarters.

Enter the username and password you received by email, if you don't have one please place and order on this website first. Then click "Add User"

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 12.47.47.png

If you see an error message

"Invalid Username or password"


 then you have typed the login incorrectly.


If you see error message

"Error code : on Failure"

then the device has no internet connection.

It is always worth having both apps on your system anyway.

For info on how to get SlyQ visit: