STBEmu Setup

Any Android device,

Firestick, FireTV, Nvidia Shield, Formuler Z etc.


Before ordering you will need to install the STBEmu app on your device to be able to see the MAC address.

On your Amazon device go to the search, usually in the left hand corner and type "Downloader"

Download and install this app.


You will need to be logged in to your Amazon account, if you haven't set it up already you will need to do so to be able to download an app.

On your Android device simply download the app through the web browser on your device,

we advise following this setup video if you do not know how to do so.















Open the Downloader app or Web browser and in the URL type


This will then download the STBEmu app.


Open the app and you will need to get  the

MAC address, you can find this in the menu of the app by pressing the 3 lines or dots top right, you then add this to your order.


Select the Trial or Subscription you would like on the Homepage of this website then enter the MAC address in the order form and submit it.


Once you receive an email confirming the MAC address has been added to the server, press the menu button on the remote with the three lines and select exit.


Now open the app again and the channels with load. 

You must exit the app fully for it to load the channels.

If you see STB blocked either the device has lost internet, you sent the wrong MAC address, or the details have expired.

 We do NOT block anyone for any reason ever.

If you have problems viewing some catch-up channels or VOD you may want to change the media player in the menu to Auto or an external player like VLC. 

You may also find that on some of the VOD (movies and series) you will need to change the audio language you can also do this in the menu of the app.