Troubleshooting IPTV Devices

Does the device have a working internet connection?

If you are seeing "Network error" or "Error Code : on Failure" test the connection by going to the web browser or any internet based app on the device. If you don't check the Ethernet cable is connected or the WiFi is connected. Try resetting the router and device. 

These errors can also be caused by either your ISP (Internet Service Provider) blocking you from connecting, especially on a Saturday while big football games are on, or your VPN itself is causing the connection error. Many of the free VPN's may do this or if you are set to a country in Europe that also blocks IPTV in these times.

Username and Password

The most likely reason it won't let you login is you have entered the details incorrectly.
If you see the error "Incorrect Username and Password" then have typed them incorrectly.
Please be careful with capital i's and lower case L's, in a lot of fonts they look the same, capital O's and the zero can look similar, and Upper case and lower case K's.
All test and subscriptions work 100% of the time and the login details have been copied and pasted direct from the server so they are not wrong. Please do not email saying the details don't work they do. Occasionally support will ask you to delete all data from the app and re-enter your details (but thankfully it is not that often). Once you are set-up correctly the rest is down to us.

Subscription Expiry

Has you subscription expired? Please check back in your email for the date you was sent the subscription and how long you paid for. If this was a test it expired 24 hours from when you were emailed it. If it has expired and you wish to continue please purchase a package from this website, or another free test.

The Server is Down

In the unlikely event the server is down you will be able to find this information on the Telegram group, if you are not on the Telegram group simply speak with your agent who will send instructions to be added.
You can check for information on the server in the "News and updates" tab on this website, which will keep you updated about any situation or updates you need to do to your device.
 Please try not to email in this situation it only delays us further, and I can not offer you a solution other then waiting patiently.

Correct App?

Depending when you brought the subscription, and which server you are on, will depend what app will work for you. 

​If you are a new customer or trying to setup a test this section is not relevant to you, it is for old customers only. 

Having buffering issues?

This video walks you through a few things and settings you can try:
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